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Adding value to existing neighborhood, city, and other private and public efforts to support safe, vibrant, and sustainable neighborhoods in North Minneapolis.

In August of 2003, North Minneapolis community leaders wrote to City elected officials asking them to commit to developing sustainable solutions to the serious community and economic development issues facing North Minneapolis. Specific housing challenges facing North Minneapolis include a high vacant and boarded housing inventory, declining home ownership rates, and a residential rehabilitation rate trailing that elsewhere in the city.

To address these serious issues, Mayor R.T. Rybak joined with northside council members and local leaders to organize an agenda for change. As part of this agenda, the Minneapolis Department of Community Planning and Economic Development (CPED) organized the Northside Partnership, which is focused on attracting investment and stimulating positive redevelopment activity in North Minneapolis.

A key component of the Northside Partnership’s housing effort is the Northside Home Fund (NHF).

Cluster Project Concept
Make big changes in a concentrated small area. That’s the idea behind the focus on small geographic areas, or “clusters”—to make a noticeably positive impact on the housing stock and to stabilize and strengthen the homeownership market of North Minneapolis neighborhoods.

Specific components of the cluster projects include the redevelopment of vacant and boarded homes, community outreach and organizing, the administration of a health impact assessment survey, a housing inspections component, foreclosure prevention, and the establishment of a development partnership to identify and implement residential development opportunities within the cluster.

This multi-faceted approach aims to bring about improvements that are so noticeable that positive change radiates to adjacent blocks.

Northside Home Fund Structure and Partners
Northside Home Fund activities are coordinated through three main collaborative partnerships.

The first is the NHF Board. The NHF Board is composed of representatives from northside neighborhood organizations, nonprofit housing and homeownership organizations, governmental and enforcement agencies, community development organizations, private housing developers, and financial institutions.

The NHF Board recommends overall strategy and direction, advises on NHF projects and cluster project activities, and monitors progress on initiative activities.

The second is the NHF Working Group. This is a subgroup of the NHF Board. Its membership is composed of representatives from northside neighborhood organizations, neighborhood organization development partners, the Department of Regulatory Services – Housing Inspections Division and Problem Properties Unit, the Department of Health and Family Support, the Minneapolis Police Department, and the CPED – Housing Policy & Development Division.

The NHF Working Group coordinates the activities of each cluster project and facilitates communication between the member organizations.

The third is the cluster-specific neighborhood-developer partnership. The neighborhood group for each cluster selects a housing development partner to work with the organization to develop a cluster action plan. This plan includes the redevelopment of the vacant and boarded properties in conjunction with leveraging additional investment and enforcement tools needed to improve surrounding properties.

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